Door features need to be revised

I believe the door features need to be revised. The Unlock door feature needs to be removed. If someone raids your base, blows a door and you’re offline, they can place their own door and unlock it. You might not notice the door immediately has been tampered but it will allow you to open the doors freely and if you share with your team, they won’t notice the change either.

I also believe there should be some sort of a Master code that you set, and your buddies enter said master code and have access to all doors, unless a door is flagged as locked from all players bar the placer. I also believe there needs to be a 3 strike chance on door codes and then a 15 minute cooldown to a steam ID if a door code is entered incorrect 3 times.

The feature is good but has introduced alot of holes.

There is also a problem if you have a door open and one of your team mates enters the code, the door will be unlocked to that player. They can then only lock the door and not open it. They need to enter the code again when the door is locked to have full access.

There may also be another bug. This has never happened before but has happened twice now to my self and to my team mate. When a door is opened then closed, you may be kicked from the server and presented with a Kicked because of violation. The console shows, in red, a message Facepunch_violation_kick. This has never happened before.

I kind of like the placing an unlocked door thing. It can lead to some interesting encounters. Master code makes sense, but we still have /share on the mods so its not that big a deal. The 15 minute cooldown is dumb. If someone is going to sit there and brute force your door for hours on end they kind of deserve to get in if they figure it out.

Emergent gameplay. :wink:

What if someone develops a hack, or a script, or a bot or some sort of a macro to sit there infront of your door and try every single combination?

The door sharing mods are not always compatible with new updates of the game. Its better if something is implemented directly into the game rather than some third party modification.

Last night my group performed a raid. The opponents were 3 strong. Two down, the last barricaded him self behind a door. Accidentally hitting E, the door opened and we killed him. It took about 20 minutes to convince him that we were not hacking, we’re not using some admin tools and that he made an error in unlocking the door. How? Its the default option if you hold E on a door. It can and will be accidentally unlocked by players. This is my opinion and I believe others may agree.

In the same sense that some people object to the music and suggest it be removed, even though it can be muted in volume control.

Considering it takes about 1 second to open door’s menu(unless there’s a way to override that), anyone able to read english, can use a BruteForce macro to check all 10.000 combinations in about 3 hours(unless there’s a hidden cooldown somehere). Chances are, he’ll hit your combination somewhere in the middle.

I’m pretty sure it’d be fairly trivial to work out obvious bot brute-forcing (no human will be able to enter more than 10 or 100 combinations a second) and kickban the offending account automatically (or any other punishment, like permanently locking that door and refusing all future combination attempts from that player while remaining totally normal to everyone else). It’s not likely a high priority problem, but one that will end up on the to-do list for the day someday.

I was talking about this with my friends last night. It wouldn’t take me long to create a macro on my g15 keyboard to do this type of thing but it does have a built in feature to stop the passwords being guessed too quickly.

Ok it’s not that long (about 30 seconds or so between attempts) but accounting for lag (say 10 seconds) then the 30 seconds between attempts it going to take roughly 11 hours if you have to try every combo.

But if I did actually make the macro I would start with years 1900-2014 then do the simple ones like 1111, 1234, 0000 etc then the rest.