Door Groups Not Saving Across Reboots

So I recently came across this error in my console.

And basically what it is doing is that the door groups that I set on the server (I.E. Making PD doors, bank, etc.) are not saving after the server reboots. I had this issue once before and the only way to fix it was to delete the sv.db and start from scratch, but that only fixed it for a couple of days. I have seen people have had the same issue before on the internet but nobody has really come forward and tried fixing it. If anyone knows a solution to this problem, please let me know.

Other things that don’t save either: Jail Postions and custom spawn locations. (In my case, the spawn I set in the sewers for the mutants)

I am also running DarkRP 2.5.1 is that helps at all.

Come on, someone must have had this problem before.

I’ve had this problem but I downloaded the recent version DarkRP which removed this problem for my server. Hopefully it does for yours.

I have the newest version of DarkRP, I have 2.5.1

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Ok, well I just reinstalled darkrp and the problem seems to have gone away for now. That is way better than resetting the database so thank you for the idea.