Door Handle

1.Can anyone make a door handle model for me ? I am making a house with a few guys, and i want it to look the more realistic as possible. The door is with ball socket and thruster, so the Handle would be perfect if it would be a button.
2. Invisible Slider. I need a invisible slider for my garage door which goes up and the ropes make me kinda feel my house is made from the 5th century. Also it makes the house kinda feel ugly.
3. Working mechanics. My garage door opening kinda looks weird, so when i press the numpad button, the mechanics would start working for the time i am opening the garage door, it would look like the garage door is a live mechanism.

for the garage door, make it in segments like a real one, and ballsocket them together as a hinge. then, make some sort of prop railway for them that curves up into the cieling of the garage. I might build one later today and post screenshots. For the doorhandle, look around for some small props that are about the shape you want, and just change the material and weld to the door.

there’s a doorhandle model in de_train, if you get model manipulator and change a button to a doorhandle, that works pretty well.

Okay Floater, will try, will try. Gonna do that tmrow however - it’s too late.|
Schmaaa do it for me please. I’m making the house with phx 8x8 plates, its sort of cube, so just make it like this
Why can’t i do it:
I’m not a big pro at gmod, but i am a FAST learner. The problem is I am not so good at English, and i understood about 50% of your post about the garage door.

I’ll probably get to it this week/weekend, Ive been busy the last couple of days. but once I have it finished, Ill post pics up here.

As mentioned, de_train has a doorhandle model. But instead of Model Manipulator, you could just use a console command. I believe the command is:

button_model models/de_train/doorhandle.mdl

button_model is probably right, but I have nfi about the models/… bit.

Simply set width to 0.

Only way I can think of that being done is using a Wire Smoother, and using Wire for a primarily numpad thing seems kind of ironic.


You’re doing fairly well at it. I could tell even without this factoid that you’re somewhat smarter than most of FP.

Okay, thanks.
I actually don’t need much stuff right now - i am making my own map on Source SDK, and I am going pretty well.
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