Door Lock Keys Not Working

I have a new server and when I place a door lock and then make a key, the lock locks and cannot be accessed and the door cannot be opened.

Do you have the key in your inventory, when trying to interact with lock/door ?

Yes, I have it inventory, I even have it “equipped” in my belt, I click on the door it won’t open, I open E on door and try to open door, it doesn’t. And the lock itself doesn’t show any option when hovered over.

has the door been destroyed and replaced after the lock was installed? there used to be a glitch that the lock would remain in the doorway but no longer be active:)

No, it is a new door… every door I place and then put a lock on has the same problem. The code locks work just fine, but my server style is primitive, so I kinda need the key locks to work.

is it a modded server?

I tested by joining several servers (community) and none had issues with the keylock, I joined a modded server and I couldn’t even create a key from the lock.

My server is modded, you can test to see if you are having the same issue as me, so I can see if it a server-side issue: client.connect

I had a possible suspect from the get go… and I was right, your auto door close plugin… if you turn it off then you can open door (auto door close only works on keypad and not keylock).

I turned off the auto close and still no luck, also I got rid of the auto close plugin, and still no luck. I also put in a new door after removing the plugin, still no luck. :frowning:

Well it still worked when I turned off your /ad

Well, I appreciate all your help. I think I will try and restore the server to its original state.

I just logged on after you removed the auto door close, works fine :slight_smile:

Interesting, I just logged in, created a new door, put a lock on it while open, and now I can’t close the door. This is a mystery.

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Hopefully a wipe will fix it.