Door Locks - Does This Help?

Hi all,

As some will have experienced, you can put locks on doors and then leave the server. When you return you will find that even though you have a key, the door will not unlock by pressing the “E” key. Here’s how you get in and out of the doorways until there is a fix.

Step One - Equip your original rock (hopefully you didn’t throw it away)
Step Two - Walk up to the door and press E to unlock as it should work (but doesn’t).
Step Three - Hit lock once with your rock.

Use the same process to lock as unlock. The lock will remain Green but will lock and unlock and the way you confirm this is simply by then trying the door. I’m pretty sure many of you are finding this as we have tried two different servers with several mates involved and found the same bug occurs. I hope this is helpful to people instead of them feeling they need to find another server only to come up to the same problem when the rejoin.

Have a great day.