Door Model Collision Bugged

I have a problem, I was making a slide door model for a source mod in Blender. I gave it collisions and textures all that e.t.c. Now all I needed to do is to animate it.

I animated it in blender, I selected the door model and the collision box and animated them together. When I tried to export it as a SMD file out of blender, the collision and the actual model wouldnt export together.

Well I ignored that and just chose the file for the actual model animation hoping the collision would just animate with it in source. After I compiled it into the .mdl with all its files and imported it into the mod, I selected the animation and made it animate as soon as the player touches the trigger around it.

Well… It does animate but as I thought, the collision Doesn’t animate with it. I tried re-exporting the SMD files and doing all kinds of stuff. I searched the internet for answers but I havent found anything.

So Im asking if there is a way to export the collision and the model together as 1 file so the animation can play correctly. Or is there no way to do that with blender?

Also when I try to put the door into a wall so it can slide out and in it ends up going Full Black, I know this is a bug related to how source shadows work but is there a way to fix that?


-The Collision model and the model of the door.

-The door when its Full Black.

Thank you for your attention.

Your physics model should be rigged to the same bone(s) your door is rigged to. Try using $collisionjoints instead of $collisionmodel if necessary for the animation support.

Also, the physics model and reference model are usually exported separately since they go to separate files. Since your door is just a 6-sided box, you can probably recycle the reference model as your physics model.

Alright Ill go test that out Thanks for the reply!

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The collision model seems fixed but the Full Black shadow thing is still not, is there Any way to fix that? Or is it just how source works.

You could also try to parent the collision model to the door mesh. I had the same problem where my collision model wasn’t in the right place.

Select mesh by right clicking, then shift + right click collision model and press alt+e. Then set parent to object.

Oh thanks! Thats a good idea, Ill use that for more complex models.