Door Modification (Example provided!)

So, I found this picture on a forum somewhere, and it is of DarkRP doors.

I am wondering if someone could re-create this so that when a player buys a door their name is mapped against the door, rather than the way doors work now.
Could you also make it so that their name is the color of their job and it has a black border around the name? (Also, keep in mind, someone could name a door…)

If anybody takes this up and produces something really nice, I’ll pay a bit.

I started making this… I’ve managed to draw on the doors, but it lags… Currently I’m drawing one line of text per door, and it lags. I’m not going to give up tho. I’ll try to find a way to make it faster.

Edit: Managed to make it faster and it looks very neat.
Only problem is, there are certain doors on the map that just don’t appear in my search for entities. (I am doing it after all entities have been initialized)

Edit2: This is what happens when you mess up a drawing algorithm…

Private message me your steam name so I can add you. I will most likely be able to do this.
Although its quite late here now, so I will talk to you more about this soon.

I’m finished. But there is a catch. It LAGS on low-end PCs. That’s quite inevitable.
I made it show doors in 400 range only. It’s quite the limit on Downtown.
Add me on Steam if you’re interested in the results.