Door moving the same time when valve moves

So I made a valve, with door. It all works, but the problem is that, when I turn valve door doesn’t move. When I stop using valve, then the door moves a distance that I made with valve, so it’s like everything okay, but I want the door to move the same time with valve. How can I do it? I was following this tutorial - but making the valve in one place without need to mount it.

door, outputs. add valve.

What do you mean? The door does move, but it moves after I turn valve. I want it to open the same time I turn the valve.

isn’t it a func_door_momentary or something?
That’s how HL1 did it , not sure if it’s the same as HL2.

make a negative delay

its momentary_rot_button
with tied to a func_movelinear with something like

That. Any idea how to make it move the same time?

the movelinear will move as the rot_button does

I’ve got it all of them, but it doesn’t work.

Ill try to see exactly in just a sec
So the output from the momentary_rot_button should be
outputting to
with output type

but replace func_movelinear with you movelinears name
it has to be func_movelinear

It’s like that. It doesn’t work. Eeeh. Should I give you vmf?

Happen to be using CS:S? I remember encountering an identical problem with this type of setup. If possible, simply test the map in a different game.

Thanks (Laptopman - thanks to you too), it works now, but the valve doesn’t turn. It was turning at CS:S but there the door wasn’t moving the same time… So I think Gmod wont have all that problems.