Door open after 7 minutes

Well, I’m using func_door, how do I make it open after 7 minutes?

Uhhh, logic_timer set fire interval at 420. Then set outputs to “OnTimer” “The Name of Your Door” “Open”

u could just use a button

on press -> open door after 420

You could do that, but if he wants to be able to reset or stop the timer then he will need a logic_timer entity.

How do I use logic_timer?

place an entity as a logic_timer, set the time, make sure oscillation is unchecked. Name your logic_timer. Now place a func_button by the door. Add an output OnPressed->name of logic_timer->firetimer.

Then on your logic_timer, add one more output. OnTimer->name of your func_door->Open

if you want the door to open without having to press a button to start the timer you can use logic_auto with an output: Onmapspawn->name of logic_timer->firetimer

unless the door is a far way into the map, in which case, you can set up a nodraw brush in front of the door as a func_button, tell it to not move, and set solidity to not be solid. Or something like that.

Why when Zeepaaan’s method works perfectly for this.