Door opener(battering ram)

I’m looking for somone to make a swep, like the one in dark rp, that allows me to open all doors.
I’ve been looking for this kind of weapon on and honestly, couldn’t find anything.

An accompanying lock/unlock door SWEP would be cool, too. Maybe on the secondary fire of the ram, it would toggle locked and unlocked on the door.

Notice the way it’s held in this video. A typical door ram in most RP gamemodes is an RPG model held on the shoulder. I think different animations should be tried - gravity gun animation, maybe the SLAM animation, and maybe the best idea would be the shotgun animation. The shouldered RPG animation is a bad idea. In a real dynamic entry situation, the breacher, holding the ram in his hands, is virtually defenseless and has to get out of the way - with it up on his shoulder, diving to any side is awkward feeling. Not only that, but he’d have little leverage on the ram. With the lowered position, holding it around the hip, it’s exactly the opposite, and ingame, it will look much better and more true to life.

The ram should be able to open the following:


Thanks for putting it into more definition you Jew. :stuck_out_tongue: