Door problem

How can i fix doors opening like this:

without changing its model?

Move the origin. And use the bloody help thread. we have two, are people so blind that they cannot see either of the damn megathreads.

it seems to me you made a prop_door_rotating.
make an invisible func_door_rotating and parent the door model to the func_door_rotating, then move the little circle in the center of the func_door_rotating to a position around which you want the door to rotate.

That is stupid.

have you ever tried to move the origin of a prop_door_rotating that doesn’t use the regular door_left whatever?
it doesn’t work.

He is using func_door_rotating. So it doesn’t matter?


Can you explain how?

Turn on helpers (its the little sphere icon on the tool bar) and select the door, Move the circle to the hinges.