Door Problems

Hello so I just got this map and it is an old half life 2 map I am trying to mess around on it with Garry’s Mod and I realized some of the doors aren’t opening like I have seen this map on one other garrys mod server and the same doors open but when I try they won’t I am able to buy the doors and stuff but I can’t figure out why they won’t open does anyone ells know?

After Decoding your…Sentence… I have Figured out what you were asking:

That should be what you’re looking for.

In essence, you select the door(if not a prop), and press CRTL+T to turn it into an entity. In the dialogue box you want to select the entity type ‘func_door’(sliding door) or ‘Func_door_Rotating’(Has hinges like a bedroom door). Afterward, you want to set the speed, sounds and move the origin to the edge; More specifically, if the door knob is on the left, hinges go right, vice-versa.

Maybe you’re talking about rp maps that have some doors locked by default, so, when you’re playing in a roleplay server, you can buy and unlock them, but when you play in sandbox, you can’t open them (Unless you use the remover tool)
Since you haven’t said anything about doing anything with it in hammer, you should search in the garry’s mod workshop a battering ram or a door unlocker or something like that.

Yes but when I decompile the map from a .bsp to a .vmf some of the textures don’t show up and I don’t have them on my computer and I want them because they look really nice with the map is there a different software that would also get me the textures I want?

Decompiling a map with textures/models/sounds/any resource really that are packed into the map will show up as errors. This is because the resources are compressed into the .bsp therefore unless you have the vtf/vmt’s yourself, you won’t be able to see them. I would recommend contacting the creator to see if you can find where they got the textures from or if you can have them along with permission to use them.

Taken from “wiki/Decompiling_Maps

You can use GCFScape to open .bsp of the map and export all missing models and textures to your game folder (custom folder probably), so you will able to sse them in Hammer.

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