Door Problems

Hi guys!

Im making an RP map for garrys mod and i got an problem i cant seemed to get fixed, hope some off u guys can help me :slight_smile:

When i create doors I use the prop doors, not the metarial, im not sure what people usally use but the prop doors is the doors that are used in the source games if u get what i mean. The problem is that when im playing the map there is something like a invisibul block or prop or something in front of the door, I can just jump on it and then open and enter the door, and sometimes(or always not sure) i cant just walk trough the doors to.

The door i use is called models/props_doors/door01_dynamic.mdl And yes, I have checked the settings, but if there is anything on the settings that makes the problem tell me :slight_smile:

Anyone knows what this is ?? Please help me.


You’re not supposed to use the dynamic one. Can’t remember the name of the one you are supposed to use, it has City 17 in it’s name I think though

you use prop_door_rotating right?


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Thanks, it worked :smiley: :smiley: :slight_smile: