Door questions

I am relatively new to making maps in Hammer and I just want to know is there anyway to make a door open by pushing on it instead of pressing the use button (“E”) ???

Oh and before I forget how can I make doors so that the player can’t grab & move it with their phys gun?

On touch flag if it has one or make an on touch trigger to then open the door right next to it. Just play with some entities and their settings to get it how you like.

Do you know how to make the door not grabable with the phys gun?

I’d be interested in that aswell. It’s rather annoying, messing up the doors all the time with the physgun

If it’s your own server, use physgun_limited 1 in console.

Also if it is a brush using func_door it cannot be moved with the physgun but they are ugly so yea

Uh, door brushes can be moved just like props.

Wait yea they are my bad. But I have seen some that could not be grabbed with the physgun.
Have not mapped in awhile or played gmod due to my lack of a laptop charger.

This is your best bet, however:

I’d say put a trigger brush around the door because the “on touched” output requires the player to come right up to the door, which is quite annoying.

Use of func_physbox and phys_hinge might look better.