Door rotating question.

Hey, i have a prop_door_rotating with the vending machine model as the door(the flat one) but when i hit e on it, it rotates in the middle and not on the side. How do i fix this?

Press control + t and a window will pop up. In the window, you will find an option saying ratation options. Change the angle to -90, 90, 180, or 0.

There us bi rotation options.

There is a little circle in the middle of the door brush. In 2D view, drag it to the side of the door where you want to rotate it.

You just change the Origin of it.
In top view when you select that door, you should be able to see little circle in middle of door (Remember thats a top view)
Just take it and drag to side you want to rotate arround. ANd that should fix it.

Shit I got Ninja’d

He may have turned this off- Incase you have it’s the little button in the top right-ish that looks like a wireframe ball. If you hover over it it says “Toggle Helpers”.