Door sharing, crates locking,bikes, and motorbikes

Ok I know what your probably thinking locking crates would be sorta nice harder to steal your stuff, door sharing would be greats no need to make four doors for four people, bikes would be kinda interesting I would want to try that, MOTORBIKES FUCK THIS GUY IS CRAZZYY OP OP OP OP OP etc etc. Well yes I might be insane for wanting motorbikes but we need a faster way to get around this island I actually would be happy with a pair of roller skates if it moved your guy a little faster then running and walking speed I think cars are cool but a little bulky for this type of terrain. The door sharing would be a really cool thing because it would let remove the need to unnecessary doors possible entry points. Locking your crates would a nice feature but im not quite sure a way to make it happen in could be like the locking doors and people could use C4 to break the locks and then loot but its just an idea.

Please leave feedback about this, your own thoughts.

I with you on the box. Something metal that can be popped open with a C4 charge would be great.
About the same size as the small box.

The Bike stuff, the map as is, the run time from one side to the next is ok. The new map in the making is 4? times this maps size so ya a bike or dune buggy would be cool to have! People are also talking about horses as well.

The Door lock Trello so there is that.

I think being able to find a horse, being able to tame it and make a saddle and keep it as your own would be a really great idea.

mmmm horse meat yummy

Ya horse would be fun. Feed him granola bars, take him for walks, cry when he gets sniped.

The horse would more then likely not fit into a doorway so I see some odd home builds to keep it safe come log off time. I would rather go mechanical options instead of breathing food.

Horses original - YES!
Best fit - MHH, on the fence.

Maybe vehicles when the overall map gets bigger, as it stands right now it’s tiny. It’s already majorly difficult to live between the cracks and ninja your way through life if you’re solo. Making the small map accessible to the 1%ers with loads of explosives would make life impossible for the 99%. With that kind of mobility cash/resource grabs from small houses would supply them quickly enough to do smash and grabs at the bigger places, and route large resource spots so no one could rebuild.

Maybe this perspective is coming from a non-PvP server, I’m not sure, just doesn’t seem like it’d be very practical in the games current state.

O ya Dhal a group with lots of C4 and the speed to travel the map in no time would cause much harm on a small map.

I see drive by C4-ing the new “Grief” but even on a large map it would still happen.