Door Trouble!

Right ill try and make this simple.

What im after is some help in making my doors work. ive made the doors and i know the basics (very basic)
what im after is by pressing just one button. it will be able to open and close the doors.

Right here’s what i would like so help on:
when i press the button -> 2x up doors open first -> then 1 sec delay middle to doors open. like an airlock

But when you set them to toggle they only thing i could do it does not do what i would like which in closing in to be the reverse of what happens when they open. Can some one please help?


Make the button output onPressed doorset1 open and onPressed doorset2 close.

So basically it only tells the first doors to open and the second set to close.

And make sure the first set of doors only sets the open value of the second set.

So basically…

onPressed doorset1 open
onPressed doorset2 close

onFullyOpen doorset2 open with delay of 1

onFullyClosed doorset1 close with delay of 1

Cheers, for the help but it’s not quite what i was looking for here’s a vid explaining what im after:

I think I understand. I did this with a camera on a path_track that I wanted to move in the other direction after reaching the end of the track by pressing the same button. Truth is, you can’t. What you want to do is make another button of the exact same appearance/shape, and put it in the exact same spot as the first one. Then, name the first button door_open, and the second one door_close. Set door_close to start locked. Add this output to door_open:

My Output Named: On pressed
Target Entities: door_open 
Via this input: Lock

And this:

 On pressed

Then add those same outputs for the door_close, only replacing the target entity in each output to the opposite button. If neither button has a sound to play when you try to use it but its locked, it should give the appearance that the same button opens and closes the door. I’m assuming you can add the outputs to door_close to make the doors close at the right times, seeing as you did the opening well.

Oh, and I love the architecture on those doors.

Glad to hear it, but who rated disagree? If you disagree then please inform me and Ajking the correct way to do it…

Cheers for the help i think i have got it working

hey guys i managed to sort the problem out in the end and still only had to use one button found that it was eaisyer then i thought, all i needed was a Logic_compare.

here a video to show you and explain:

hope this helps some poeple