Door won't block light_spot, and a program request...

Question 1

I’m trying to get my doors to block light (for dynamic shadows), but they just won’t do it! I’ve looked in the flags, I’ve looked at all the keyvalues, and I can’t find anything!

Question 2

I want to port some NS maps to Source, but I can’t seem to find a decent (aka working ><) HL1 map decompiler! And before people start pointing me to “WinBSPC,” I have that and it is made of FAIL.

Question One:

Screenshots of maqp in Hammer and if so in-game?

Question Two:

No answer from me.

Question 1:[/media]



Ingame, door open


Ingame, door closed

Question 2:
Gee thanks :v:

The textures were ported directly from the HL1 mod “Natural Selection,” so yes, they’re low-res.

I will try to find out how Fluxmage ported Clocktown.

Link to His Post:

He didn’t port it, he remade it.

If you want like episode 2 dynamic shadows I think you will have to go with “env_projectedtexture” or something.

yea, env_projectedtexture is good for putting decals on models or brushes, but I don’t know if it would work in this case. Maybe make a func_door that is parented to the door you have there and it has the block light texture? I doubt this would work but its an idea.

Converting GoldSrc maps to Source

Question 1:

Make a brush with the texture block_light where the door is.

Question 2:

It says “All content is ripped from the game” meaning he ported it.

if you do this, the light will ALWAYS be blocked. regular light cannot change. no matter how much you parent block_light to it. maybe you could do it with light_dynamic, but it’s… well it doesn’t work so well.

any light coming form a light_spot, light, or light_enviroment is “baked” IIRC.

in short, no, you cant do it.

A little more help then, with the first question? I found a half-decent (though still not perfect ><) decompiler. I have light_spots, and I tried using light_dynamic (didn’t light at all ><).

The only thing you can do is use a env_projectedtexture or use blocklight and have it blocking the light all the time

What does env_projectedtexture even do? Never really used it.

Its what the lamps in GMod use. So you can make it like a dynamic light.

Hmm sounds useful really, except I have no places where I can actually use it to make an effect. Oh well, always good to learn something new :smile:

Hmm…I think I’ll try that out…XD

Can’t you use the block light tool texture inside the door?

say wait a sec…what if I put the block light texture on the inner faces of the door? it’s actually two doors in one…hmmmmmmm…

use texture block_light

No, you make a new brush covered in the blocklight texture which plugs the whole doorway. It doesn’t really matter if it’s inside the doors or if it’s thicker than the doors.

EDIT: This WON’T be a dynamic effect. When the doors are open, there’ll be a big miraculous shadow being cast by where the doors used to be.

If you want the doorway to block light when the doors are closed, and not when they’re open, then you’ll have to use the absolutely shitty env_projectedtexture. It looks like ass and doesn’t work correctly in default ep2, but it works fine in Gmod.

Here’s some documentation: