Doors and Doorways

Lets craft up some satchel charges and frag grenades and blow the doors down. Or we could just pick-axe the doorway. I understand its a raiding game, but its getting to easy for people to mug you off once your offline, some of us sleep and have jobs.

Lets complain about the ever changing Alpha of a game.

i don’t think you know what the point of an alpha is

He did not provide feedback…he simply complained about stuff that has already changed several times in a few days. If the point of an Alpha is to complain over every tweak they make…well umm no.


The point of an alpha is to find out what works and what doesn’t. Feedback is the main point of an alpha, and without it, the developers wouldn’t have a perspective on the issue from the players of Rust.

Actually he explained what he thought was wrong with the game, this is feedback.

And that’s what his joke was based on. That people complain about the game always been tweeked and changed, but that’s the primary purpose of the game right now.

He explained nothing. He attempted sarcasm I guess to express his dislike of a few of the mechanics and eluded to needing to sleep and having a job. :wink: