Doors and Props?:Insertion help?

I am trying to make a mansion (big one similar to resident evil’s) and I just got back to mapping and need some help on the insertion of Props and Making Usable Doors. Can anybody help me out?

Use the following entities:

will try!

well i got doors and ladders working

Uh question how do i put in fire?

env_fire. Make sure to use a light entity in conjunction with it.

ok thanks im still working on props any ideas?

I think there’s another one, but I can’t remember off the top of my head.

Also, to make a door that doesn’t have to be a model, create a brush the size and location of your door, and click the “to entity” button. Find either




and fill in whatever settings you want it to use. :smile:

let’s say i want to make a crate for example what would I do?

Click on the entity tool, and in the little box type, prop_physics. Then go to the keyvalue named “World Model” and hit that. Then it will open model browser and type in search “Crate”. Select the model and hit ok. Then hit apply in the Entity properties box. You have successfully put a crate in your map.

Make a brush (64x64, if you want), hollow it out to the wall width you want. Or create a bunch of brushes equaling six sides.

Random fact that goes with square things, such as a crate:
All opposite sides of a dice will always add up to 7.


Or do as Bull Said, for props.

kk thanks guys i will try it out