Doors blocked by invisible props? (on server)

So on my server, the entry-way of door ways are blocked by “invisible props.” I struggle to go past door entry-ways on my rp map for my server (even tho there is nothing there), however, this only happens on my server. If I open up the map on single player, then I can easily go past the door entry-ways. I host my server on DarkRP. Anyone know the fix to this problem? I’ve already done research on it and cannot find a solution. Thanks in advanced and I will post video of this if the wording of this post is kinda confusing.

edit: this problem has faded… idk how… this problem only seems to appear every now and then for some reason…

You’re likely spawning props and welding them to the map on InitPostEntity, right ( also, make sure you don’t spawn any props prior to InitPostEntity )?

Any entity that gets spawned and welded creates an invisible prop, well constraints are seen as entities so they can become unhooked and cause problems… When you weld the prop, also disable physics movement.

Example of how I do it in my ents.CreateEx( _ent, _options ):

	// Prevent object from moving, and weld object to world - prevents invisible props from moving.
	if( _weld && IsValid( _phys ) ) then
		_ent:GetPhysicsObject( ):EnableMotion( false );
		constraint.Weld( _ent, game.GetWorld( ) );