doors doors doors

I understand your reasoning for changing the “two sided” doors, but I strongly disagree… I believe the two sided door separated the noobs from non-noobs, (rewarding the knowledgeable), added a “next level” experience to the game, i.e. (ohh I get it…cool) and adds a more “stealthy” option of gameplay, that no other game can reproduce… (breaking the law virtually, and not getting in trouble…fuck yeah)… and this comes from one of those people who got “fucked over”, but enjoyed learning from the mistake. Otherwise great update, down with the cheaters,… oh, and I hope to see more avatar customization control on the user end… (people want to express themselves, and this will make them very attached to their toon, and the game) I believe you guys are really close to a blockbuster hit, and I enjoy the game thoroughly, Thank You

That makes no sense …

I agree with FacePunch 100% on this change. Why on earth should we punish new players just because they don’t know to place them the right way yet? That makes no sense.

Also you should be able to place them whatever way you like, you shouldn’t be forced to place them so they open in a certain way.

Your logic is backwards, just because you enjoyed getting raided because of your mistakes doesn’t mean everyone else will.

The doors should be able to be fitted either way…but then the side you place the lock from should then be designated the tough side

I think noobs need all the help they can get. This door change is a good thing for them,. however it was like you had won the lotto when finding a door placed the wrong way round :slight_smile: