doors drones and new machine gun? wtf is happening??

What is happening to the game?? Who agrees that the way the doors close now is absolutely retarded? Also adding drones and the new m249 machine gun that looks brand new? This game Is getting way too advanced with these things and is really turning me off of it. Also the tool cupboard thing. It’s now really hard to make it so your tool cupboards are properly placed which makes walls almost useless sometimes when you can’t place a tool cupboard yet an enemy still has build privaledge … what the hell? What are your guys thoughts

Doors are slow.
Workaround for cupboard: place cupboard first then walls.
Drones will be part of a event like the heli.
The m249 looks brand new because it only drops from heli and isn’t craftable.

Calm down.

Ya and having to wait 5 seconds for doors? The cupboards thing still doesn’t work I have made many foundations and placed them as close together as possible and still have small gaps makes no sense, other ppl are annoyed too

The M-249 looks brand new because it is - it will be lootable from the downed chopper. You can be damned sure there won’t be one in the hands of every old skrub.

The doors suck ass agreed.
The gun falls from a chopper, and makes sense, apply lotion to the butthurt.
And I also agree, the new cupboards suck ass too

The chopper is brand new because it’s an element from outside the island. It’s like the dropship. It shows that somewhere out there, there still are functional, organized groups with well-maintained technology, but they only briefly come by to interact with those on the island. It’s why I like the idea of the NPC scientists. It shows that there’s a world beyond the island, but you’re left to wonder as to what the motives of those people are.

I agree with OP that the devs should focus more on adding content to the survival aspect of the game and how players interact with the environment and the island itself, before we add new weapons to what is a mediocre fps raiding simulator.

I don’t think most understand the point of my post other than this guy^ what I meant by all these changes was that they are not relevant at this point in time, for example there is still a friggin memory leak building is still broken there are so many glitches in the game fix those first ffs

I agree with the door animation by the time you open it ayou could be killed and compound raided before that door has finished the animation.

You should be able to “open and close” it during any of its animation :frowning:

The memory leak is a known issue in unity, has been fixed already but the update has not been released to unity devs. When it is FP will get it worked out. Until then we just have to be patient.

I’m not too keen on the tool cupboards either, in fact I’m not happy at all with how building is being done now. But I keep playing. I’m sure these things will continue to evolve as we go.

Use airlocks, they are now more important than ever.

That is only the second time I have heard of " airlock " are you talking about a box room but with multiple doors to prevent advancement? (:


I hope they tweak the speed of doors in future. Atm its around two seconds, they could reduce it to one sec and see how it turns out.

the thing we are getting pissed off about is the fact thathat our base has about 15 air locks to go through … you know how effing long it takes to go outside now??

In last updates they do stuff for endgame guys + f**k up the starter ones… arrow in the head 10 hp + new players cant even get BP’s cuz of campers on the rads with weapons which u cant even make… perfomance = 0… didnt even saw a game that use 4/5/6k ram… fun to play and on the other sides when sht happens is pain in the ass.

Here is an example of an airlock, (this base does not exist, its just for this example purpose):

ahh yeh thought so. I tend to put 4 doors in the 1 x 1 square