Door's lock/unlock not functioning..anyone else?

Was curious to see if anyone else is getting this but…
When clicking on doors (with locks) to open or close is non responsive,unless…you log off/on

Whack it with your hammer. Lock won’t change colour but options will change.

And yes, we all have that problem :frowning:

Problems been there for at least a week. At least they’ve been tweaking the shit out of the stone hatchet.


I’ve noticed that sometimes I take a key out of a box and into my inventory but there is something not happening as if the key was still in the box. My solution is to right click and drop the key that is in the box then pick it up, also I noticed that I went from 1 key to 3 keys for the same door by doing that so I wonder if there might be some way to dupe other items than just keys. Also sometimes dropping a hammer or tommy gun on the ground just makes it completely disapear, ressources always seem to drop and pickup fine but they too seem to glitch in boxes… drop works all the time.