Doors not "Being" where they are suppose to be.

I am sure this is a common problem for starting mappers, but I googled it up and came up with nothing on this problem. When I create a rotating door with the common door prop from the browser, both turned the prop itself and the angle in the options 90 degrees to put it where it is suppose to be. After the map is compiled, the doors are 90 off of where the sprites are. I am getting into hammer editor now, so I can post settings if needed in a minute.

i have never had that problem. so i cant help.

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er, thanks for your post?

You should probably post the settings. That has never happened to me. Must’ve done something.

Please add a stupid rating to my post. I have now learned that dynamic props are NOT to be used as doors. Thank you and have a nice day. Check Please.

Yes, give me boxes 2

Yes they can.

Depends how you use them.