Doors Open by Themselves

So I log off for a few hours, log on again, and all of my doors (codelocked) have opened themselves. Others on the server reporting the same problem. Anyone else experienced this?

Didn’t played a couple of weeks but hack users can look up the code, maybe that’s what happened.

well If it was hackers, they would have taken my stuff. Which didn’t happen. Seems odd that a hacker would go to the trouble of finding my code just to open all my doors

Probably bugged this has happened before

Sometimes doors look open but aren’t. When you come to close them they’ll stay open the first time and then close when you click a second time. Maybe that’s just what you saw.


Had this happen pretty much every time I played since the last update. Doors appear open, but you can’t actually walk through them. You can see inside, but that’s it. You need to open and close them again so they appear in their closed state visually.

This is exactly my issue. Problem is, you CAN walk through them. Seems only to happen with wooden doors though.

I can confirm this, i had a base with armoured doors and was making another. But had not upgraded the doors yet as I hadn’t moved anything in, when I logged on main base was fine new lake house all (wood)doors were open.

What is the ping of the server you have these issues with? Are you experiencing any packet loss?
I play in Amsterdam III with ~70 ping and virtually no packet loss, and I have no issues of this type.
Might be related to optimizations in the net code that hampered redundancy.

My server is running around 24 so definitely not a latency issue. But its only after logging off the. Back on. And again only wooden doors that I know of but haven’t tried sheet metal

Doubt it I play on a locally hosted server, about 60 ping average, no noticeable lag issues.

FiberOp rules :grinning:

^ this happened to me three times today
and once someone other than myself could walk through them. Admin reported seeing the door as closed, while I saw it open.