Doors won't unlock/open unless you relog


Since the update this afternoon myself and a friend have been having issues on my dedicated server that I have hosted. Basically if you unlock a door it stays locked unless you logout and log back in than it is unlocked, but than it doesn’t lock until you repeat the same steps. So not sure if this is a client or server side issue, but if my friend logs in after i unlock it than it is unlocked for him. That to me almost seems like a client side issue. We both have uninstalled and reinstalled rust through steam. I also asked some of the people on my server and they said they were having issues with lag and similar issues to me.

Just wondering if anyone is having issues or not. If I wipe the server will that fix it or not. Just wiped Monday so would hate to have to do that already again.

Having same issue before and after today’s update.

you unlock and then fight on the lock with a hachette and you can open the door, and
you lock and then fight with a hammer on the lock and it’s ok