Doppler Effect?

If you don’t know what a Doppler Effect is, it’s pretty much what happens to the pitch of the horn’s van as it passes:

You’d probably have to code a module instead of LUA, but I think it’d be pretty good for roleplay or even machinima.

Any takers? Thanks for reading anyway.

i love the doppler effect, physics ftw! it sounds really awesome on huge 18 wheelers

Doesn’t source already have this built in? I’m not sure how to use it though. I seem to remember it on the combine gunship.

It only functions on the Helicopter and Gunship. Not for anything else.

The guy driving the van was an asshole, just saying.

I think it was on purpose to show the effect…

We would’ve gotten it better if he just kept pressing on the horn. That’s what I meant. He kept stopping.

Never knew this sound type was called the “Doppler Effect” i guess you learn something new everyday, maybe you can fade the sound in game from distance.

It’s pitch shifting is what you’d need to do. Not fading, which is already done by most everything in the Source Engine.

Wich can be called by the second factor from emitting a sound in lua.


Is a sound changing pitch slightly really going to change the gameplay of RP? And couldn’t a machinima just have the sound edited in?

It doesn’t sound that useful, but it is pretty easy to do, just change the pitch based on the distance and velocity to the player.

my t-shirt says what it is :stuck_out_tongue: