Doran Kru'fex & Ra'ven Ku- Pit Scroungers

So production of the Vortigaunt pictures have been slow lately. I made this one before Mercati Fu’lant but I wanted that one posted first because this is the beginning of an actual chronological event. I also forgot to pose a picture for The Krovex that were mentioned in the previous one so I may make that as a bonus soon.

Door-Ren Kroo-Fex
Rah-Ven Koo


Mercati Fu’lant and the Black Moons Society:

Urulozan’s Discovery:

The Epiphany of Celesticu Fortifar and the Discovery of The Vortessence:

Vortigaunt Myrmidont Taming:

Kunetuk Mu’hei:

Colonel Mejshrafir Shi’lutoi:

I love how you always make it look like it’s not even an EP2 map with your clever angles.



I’m not going to let this be swallowed by age old bumps.

Nice. Love the tattoos.

I feel like there should have been more, considering his background. But I don’t want him loaded like Mercati.

Oh yea, forgot to post the previous ones.

guys, quickly shovel the ego on him! it’s too damn good!



Nice as usual. I await to see what this big chronological story is and how these two play a part in it.

Ouch, eleven hours without replies. :frowning:

Pretty nice. I agree. Not many Vortigaunt pictures around. Perhaps one should sit down and make some good ones.

I like the lighting and tattoos.

Nobody sees the Vortigaunts like Ben does. :v:

tattoos look great.

As always with your vortigaunt pics, very nice. And is it just me, or do some of the Vort names sound a bit like Argonian names from Oblivion? Weeja, for example?

I noticed that too. At the time I wrote it I was just getting out of another Oblivion phase, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I some how mixed Weebam-Na into them. Other than that names just spurt out of my head like an open wound.

I would be happy if some more poses were around of the Vortigaunts. Just as long as they don’t plagerize or anything.

image doesn’t work benjamin


nevermind, nice picture.


I guess this will be my last bump until I let this die…

the chest and arm tattoo don’t synchronize nor do they blend in at all. it looks like they were just thrown on.

Yes. I will admit I didn’t spend as much time as before blending them in.

Perhaps I will redux the tattoos at least. Thanks for the comments.

Why they have tattoos? I’m confused but still it’s a amazing pic.

Mercati Fu’lant and the Black Moons Society:
Read here. It fairly explains the tattoos.