I finished watching the movie Twister and was thinking about the yet to be released gm_tornadochase and it would be awesome if someone made a Dorothy model.
It honestly wouldn’t be too hard considering it’s just a shiny cylinder with metal bars around it with random boxes, wires and flashing lights hanging off it. Shoot, if you could, quickly make something up that locks and unlocks the lid and fill it with small hoverballs or something so you can do this.

There are quite a few refernce photos of a “gutted” Dorothy sitting in the Twister Museum in Wakita Oklahoma:

comparison to a wooden pallet.

There are a lot more images that can be used for scaling and references here.

Also, if you need even more sources to work with, just watch the movie Twister.
If someone could pull this off I can see a truly awesome physics prop.

Are you sure a new model is really necessary? I would think this would be easy enough to reproduce with a few props and phx

Also, I thought gm_tornadochase died.

If you made a Dorothy ragdoll, you’d have 50+ funny, perverted G-Mod vids.

I know what you mean about Dorothy, i request this also.

Then it would look less awesome and half-assed and it’s not that hard to make.

Last I heard it was still “in development” which can also be said about many other mods and games with Duke Nukem Forever being one of them.