Dose the developers want to wipe again ?

do u think the developers want to wipe again ? if any can answer me … or of the developers answered that will be awesome .

Dude, wipes happen pretty frequently, like a week or two (sometimes a bit more), totally depends if dev’s are trying something new or fixing something crucial.

Why do you ask?

If you need to know about any, there’s a scheduled wipe on all servers tomorrow.

It’s alpha (no, that isn’t meant to be a cop-out). Alpha occasionally means reinventing the wheel on core functionality for seeing what sticks with the community or doesn’t.

Don’t get attached to anything, in alpha, you can only approach things at an “easy come, easy go” mentality. You aren’t playing, you’re privileged to testing, and testing can sometimes require getting messy when a new concept hits the servers (aka, wipe).