[DOTA 2] Generate Grid Nav (.gnv) with Hammer?

Hey there. I’ve been mapping for a custom game mode I’m working on for Dota 2 and I happened to stumble upon a command called “Generate Grid Nav” in the compiler. Usually, this command is disabled (in fact, it doesn’t exist in earlier versions of Hammer/ the Source engine). But since I’m using the Alien Swarm version (mixed with Dota 2 files, to get it to work with Dota 2 properly) I should be able to compile the map and generate a .gnv file with it. For those who are unaware, the .gnv file is required in order for pathing to work on the map. Without a proper .gnv file you are considered “out of bounds” and your character is unable to move around in the map. The thing is, I can’t get the command to work. It doesn’t do anything when I compile (I tried compiling with the command alone, and nothing else; as well as with all other compile options). I used this image as a reference.

There is an alternative method (which I have been using previously), which is a complete pain in the ass, considering the type of map I’m working on. I’m guessing there is a file missing in the binary folder for the SDK that allows the Generate Grid Nav command to work. Just wondering if anyone else out there who has been mapping for Dota 2 had any luck with this?

There is no current way to generate the gnv file through the alienswarm branch of the engine that is known. However the word on the street is (from d2modd.in, along with other developers) that valve is very close to making proper level design tools for dota.

I thought/knew as much. Thanks anyways! Guess I’ll just have to work on the design-aspect of my map for now.