Dota 2 model extraction since v7 update

Surely there must be someone here who is into Dota here :slight_smile: Most of the tutorials that I can find are all based on source 2. So far my workflow would have been to use GCFScape to view and extract models from the vpk archive. Use Crowbar to convert the smd model and then use Blender for editing the model.
However GCFScape is not working with the latest 7.0 update. However I have found ‘Valve Resource Viewer’ which can open and extract files. However the files all now have source 2 formats e.g. vmdl_c, vmesh_c, vmat_c, vtex_c. Is there any programs or addons that can handle or convert these new format?
p.s I can get the hero models in fbx or obj formats from Dota workshop but I am looking for models of props etc.