dotBSP - Quality Controlled Map Archive

Hey, if you’ve been keeping up on your good o’ mapping forum, I asked if people would be interested in a quality controlled map archive. Some said “yes”, some said “god yes”, and some said “elitist mapping circlejerk”. Based on those three responses I went ahead and opened up dotBSP.

What is dotBSP? It’s functionally an archive you can search for and submit maps, and metaphysically non-existant.

Why is dotBSP even around? You ever search Gamebanana? That’s literally the reason why I made the site. Websites like Gamebanana have no real quality control whatsoever which leads to a lot of poorly made maps floating to the top of the “highest rated” search. It also leads to the unfortunate burial of maps that are worthwhile, and that’s wrong.

A misconception is dotBSP is a huge discriminatory waste of time, but the site’s goal isn’t to laugh in the face of anyone who’s ever released a first map. It’s supposed to archive maps that should be remembered, downloaded, played, and more importantly: seen. It’s not even supposed to be a replacement for your absolute day-to-day searching. It’ll be a fair first stop, I think.

And if anything, this website should inspire and prove the crazy awesome power of the Source Engine should you utilize it with a crazy awesome brain.

How do I submit my map?

Is there anyway I can help? Simply discussing the good and the bad of the site is the most helpful right now. I don’t need extra staff or anything - maybe I will in the future. I don’t know. But for right now just C&C my site.

This is great. I can finally play new maps without having to go through the twenty layers of low quality content that, Gamebanana and Workshop have.

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Hopefully though more people will submit maps.

Can’t wait to see the archive grow!

I’m fixing the CSS reset so the website is going to be downright horrible for the next whatever.

An excellent idea OP. Adding this to my favorites.

Perhaps this site will relieve the “kick in the nuts” feeling I get when the maps that I spend so much time making are immediately buried under old maps re-uploaded (often without the author’s permission) and ugly “spooky” maps that consist of a big box of trees, some fog and absolutely no optimization.

I think that was the point, hence the “Quality controlled map related site”.

Also to op - would you also allow for links to the workshop, or do you want things downloaded directly from your site or a non workshop mirror?

OP will you ever do texture packs or model packs? I feel like it could be useful for mappers who are looking for quality content.

CSS is fixed! And the Twitter widget magically broke! Oh well.

Look at the Black Gold article - there’s a link to the workshop link by HoliestCow and a link to the direct download.

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I’m not sure if I want to branch out to mapping resources.

Looking forward to this project! I hope it’ll grow popular. :slight_smile:

Ah, thanks. Didn’t think to look at the map since I don’t play CS:GO and I had seen a lot of it in the mapping pimpage thread. Well that clears that up then.

Perhaps not actually hosting it, but providing working links to it. That is all up to you though.

I think that you should have a better maps page for when you get many more maps on the site (I hope?).

It’s kind of laborious to scroll through each map individually, I think the space isn’t used that efficiently.
I think you would benefit from having smaller previews of each map with the name underneath,
kind of like how sites like Danbooru or even shopping sites like eBay handle their content:

Quick mockup I made of some thumbnail links, where users just click on thumbnails that they like the look of to go to the maps page.
I also pitched some ideas for optimisations within the websites design which would remove some of the wasted space and make it easier to browse.

Things I noticed:

Showing the date of the map isn’t that relevant I think for this context

Recent maps literally just shows what’s on the same page but in a different place

There is a huge header that doesn’t provide anything

The sidebar has no content and just clutters the page

Having the descriptions on the main maps page makes it harder to search through the maps,
although it does provide useful information. However,
for a catalogue page I think users will just be looking through the images to see something that attracts their attention,
and will then look at the description after clicking on the map link?

Could also put a fast download link in the corner of the image or something,
as some people might already know what the maps are and want to download them fast without opening lots of pages:
crude example:

Of course I’m just trying to pitch ideas to make your website better/more accessible for users,
you don’t have to take anything I say seriously :slight_smile:

edit: also something that would be cool is the option to sort the results, for example by date, a-z, rating, download count

Really great job. I saw a project like this before trying to create a map archive, but it soon crashed down. I hope this one is really successful.


  • The sidebar is gone. Poof.
  • The search is moved up into the header.
  • The page scales to the window much more than before. (Minimum size: 640px. Maximum size: 920px.)

Changes to be made:

  • Fix up the maps page to fit more maps at once. (aka thumbnail idea that was brought up)
  • Remove dates of posts
  • Sleep schedule of wauterboi

Good idea, I like the quality control ideal, especially when its based more off ensuring that content was made with motivation and a visible effort for creativity. Even when I first started mapping, when it took a while to create a few simple, blocky empty rooms; you eventually get better and learn to respect how much time and work it takes to make the truly magnificent levels.

You should add Up votes and Down votes to each map. Also maybe a Hall of Fame section?

isnt the website itself a hall of fame?:v:

Also, you don’t need to be a registered user to upvote or downvote

Something about the dotted lines urks me

How’s the page now?

Oh, and now the map page shows special thumbnails only:

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Why add votes? The entire premise of the site defeats the purpose of a rating system.

Plus, I have no idea how I’d implement it with the CMS I’m using, so… No ratings.

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Indeed. I might make a “featured list” but then again, that’s kind of pointless too.

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My search is duplicating results and I have no idea why, haha. Go look up “de_” without the size or game and you’ll get the same three results three times.

Also, why “de_” is bringing up an rp map - I have no id-OH. I think it’s doing three different searches because of the three different inputs for the search. What a crock.

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If you choose a game, the other fields aren’t required (but help). If you choose a size and nothing else, the entire thing breaks and reports all maps. If you type in stuff in the input and nothing else stuff multiplies. And so I fixed it by requiring the first form. ;D

Stupid idea, but I think you should make tags overlay like steam does on the thumbnails

Like that only with CSS, TF2, GMOD’s icon, etc.