Double awesomeness!

–violent snip–

Sorry, I don’t even want to remember how stupid I was in 2011-2013 times.

You can have a box to put that trash in. Never use simple DoF, horrid Sonic models nor such a high amount of bloom.

-There was been shitposting-

Fixed that for you.

(User was banned for this post ("Unconstructive criticism." - postal))


Bloom and simple DoF does the complete opposite than making it look better. And don’t fucking use construct then, it’s like the worst map you could pick for what you’re doing.

They don’t like it because it’s bad not because it has Sonic in it. Here, till you improve post your pictures in this thread from now on.

Hell no.

-deleted for centuries-

please stop, you’re making me ashamed to be a sonic fan

to avoid outright flaming and to add a bit more constructive criticism, you should work on your pictures way more, not slap a shit ton of filters and ugly crap all over them (that includes in game post processing effects), make them in maps OTHER then gm_construct (big no no, just a sign of lazyness) and work on your posing a bit

You’re not extremely terrible, I’ll give you that but it still needs a lot of work to really be… Acceptable

If you don’t accept criticism you won’t get anywhere, with anything


I’m seriously starting to think that you’re a troll…

…but I will still give you criticism: The bloom is too bright, the colours are pretty fuck’d up and
pic quality isn’t the best.

I wouldn’t recommend you to use sonic models and don’t use those explosion effect.

I’m sorry but this doesn’t deserve a winner rating.

I’m starting to think this as well, the badly drawn “Sonic OC” coughblatantrecolorshitcough in his avatar is never a good sign but then again trolls are usually more obvious then this

the fact that he blatantly ignored my constructive criticism makes me suspicious

Are you fucking 12?

–“ultiamte” snip–


For crying out loud, learn how to accept criticism instead of calling us trolls.

When you come back in three days, if you must aspire to do sonic, here’s a great example of it done right.

At least take some time to look at images that don’t get crap comments and try and learn something.

No, you need to make it less brighter next time. And yes but that’s not the style to make better quality pics.