Double barrel 6 shooter

shoots 2 at a time, I know that’s not as good as one when you only have 6 bullets per reload. so by having 2 barrels it would be 3 shots per reload but meh :slight_smile:

c&c please

also I’m going to texture it tomorrow

it is 589 polys, not sure if this is a good or bad amount so can some one tell me, cheers :wink:

589 polys is a good low number seeing as the Source limit is something above 10,000 polys. It looks great with such low polys as well just don’t ruin it by giving it a botch job texture.

Don’t worry about adding more polys without them it looks not as good double the polys and your’e fine


this is great for the w_model save this as a w_model and continue adding polys for the v_model

That’s brilliant, good job.

You could just use the magnum texture but drag the UVW map of the bottom barrel over the 1 texture area used for the top barrel.

wow that’s good to hear! I thought I was verging on the limit but aparently not. I have the whole day tomorrow to texture so it should come out good, cheers.


Thanks for all the comments, I’m going to bed I will update tomorrow with the start of a texture hopefully

o my g laziness

D-D-D-Double Kill!

You need to redo the hammer so it would strike the primers of both bullets in each of the chambers.

Russian Roulette anyone?

Extreme russian roulette.

For people who really want to die.

That’s brilliant. looks very clean, and very poly efficient.

I’m just waiting for a someone to come along and post “THAT WOULDN’T WORK, THAT’S STUPID”

I want one of these in real life.


didn’t see that one coming sarcasm

Hells yeah!

But that could work if designed right, it’s just not practical.

I also wonder how exactly this is going to reload, since it appears it doesn’t have that… pin thing the revolver part o the revoler spins around…

Looks alright :downs:

I’m putting one in now. But it would be hard to reach because of the 2 barrles and the pin in the middle of them

I’m pretty sure the limit for polies in Source is somewhere around 20K. But for most models it’s good to stop around 2k at most

With design yes, but…

Also, looks really good, especially with that polycount.

oh wow
talk about overkill