Double Barrel Shotgun.

i need someone to make a double barrel shotgun like the one in CoDWaW
here are some pics of it in real life.

When it reloads the lever needs to move to brake open the barrel and a hand pulls out the shells and puts shells back in.

Sawnoff or Regular?
The reload is actually doable, as I saw in the Fallout GMOD models, they had a shotgun that looks like it’s in the middle of reloading (broken open).

Sorta like your request

You should be happy, out of the many requests in the request threads, you actually got RESULTS.

There’s also the double barrel from fist full of frags and zps. You could probably just hex them yourself if they aren’t separate models from the hl2 shotgun already.

Regular,and i remember that now.


Yes it is but i want it for gmod


Im not good if that i will just leave that to the people how can do it.

Those are terrible pictures.

the gun i want is OLD, WW1 i think, so i could not find a good pic
i might put some pics of my dads one if i go there soon.

I hexed this one and the shell on the right clips through the barrel. If someone can fix that, it would work really well.

CS:S models work fine in GMod (as do models from most Source based games and mods).

First result on google.

Fourth result.

If theres one in Zombie Panic: Source you could use it straight from it.

I think i will, i realy wanted one that looked clean but it will do.

p.s. anyone can still make one if you want it would be appreciated, i am going to use it in makeing a movie with my firend.

Try mine

not what im looking for

Your just lookin for a coach gun, basically, there’s a model in a wep pack (not SWEPS) on, not sure where though but I did see it on there, also it had reloading and fire ready models.

Just install it as you would in Gmod.