Double Barreled TF2 Shotgun and others

In this video at 4:29 there is a Double Barreled TF2 Shotgun.

Also Seen here:

Where can I get this model.

I also, remeber there being a screenshot displaying a scopeless Sniper Rifle, a Shotgun with a longer barrel, and a Demo Grenade Launcher with only one handle. but I have not been able to locate that screenshot in the screenshots section. If you know what I talking and know where it is post the image the please.

Also can somebody headhack the Wystan and Taggarts HEXED DoD pack with the citizen and Half-Life 2(Episodes included) Main Character models, since somebody has already done with the 101st Airborne models and please include the Female Citizens for the Soviet Soldiers, since there were Female Soviet Soldiers fighting along side their Male Counterparts.

That’s just 2 shotguns nocollided with each other.

Hmmm, well the one in the Heavy video seems to be the long barrel FAN, it looks like it

This pic you mean?

Bloocobalt made them specifically for Ehanced_AI’s poses or other people too. IDK

Ya that is the one I was talking about. And why are they always Personal Models.

I think Bloo made them just for Ehanced_AI because he does a lot of TF2 poses

Well, what about the hexed DoD Model Headhacks?

Well these aren’t so hard to make. When I get back from work I’ll make these.