Double Cross

Second Mass Effect attempt. Being very damn dissatisfied after “Downloading Data” I’ve tried to fix my mistakes as soon as possible. Have used a lot of lamps and light balls in addition to regular Photoshop. Comments are very appreciated.


Winner rating. Awesome.

Liara has good posing, Shepard has akward posing.

You mean the angle he’s moving at?

You mean he’s moving towards whatever Liara is using her biotics at and is calmly looking to his right?
Even if he’s moving, the body is still akwardly posed.

Well, I thought that was quite unrealistic but acceptable composition moment. However, I got your point, thanks man.

Shepard looks like a mexican with that moustache

Great editing, at first i thought you took the pic from mass effect.

Thanks man. Good to hear that from you :smile: .

Lovely picture.