Double Decay Rate

I have seen a lot of threads about slowing down decay rate, but I want to increase it on our server to help decay buildings faster so we wipe less often. I know the default is 300, so Im assuming that 600 is double the decay rate? Correct?

Thanks in advance

There needs to be separate settings IMO. One for how soon decay starts and one for how much it decays once started. Doubling the rate will mean that if someone doesn’t login for a day or two their shit will be gone.

from what i read somewhere the decay starts on wood after 24 hourse. ive seen buildings completely decay in 3 days or less. In my opinion unless thats really the way the players on the server want it, that would be a huge turn off to play on the server. you NEED to log in everyday or you will lose everything. i wouldnt play there

decay.decaytickrate - how much health per tick Default 300
decay.deploy_maxhealth_sec - how long will it take for the first tick - default is minimum 12 hour in seconds as far as I know

So you might increase the decaytickrate and lower the maxhealth_sec

Does restarting my server affect this? In terms of resetting the decay rate?

In order for the changes to stick after restarting the server, just add the rcon command(s) to your server.cfg on a new line.

Oh I think you misunderstood, I set those in my config, I knew that. But when I restart my server, does it restart the decay timer on everything? So say the decay timer is 4000 seconds and I restart the server and it was only at 2000 seconds, does it reset it back to 4000?

Oh… uhhh I’m not really sure actually.
I would hazard a guess that the decay timer would NOT reset, since that timer is probably built into each item I would assume that the time gets saved whenever the item does.

I could be wrong.

I would hope that’s the way it works, since you’re essentially saving the state of the server when you restart/shutdown.

I really wish there was a more detailed description or some kind of official explanation for these two decay settings. I’ve seen almost equal conflicting information all over the Internet about decay.decaytickrate where some believe setting it higher slows it down, while others believe lowering it slows it.

On top of that, if setting decay to 0 or 0.0001 should slow decay, how the hell is it a CPU drain? Wouldn’t increasing the decay rate increase the CPU? Is this number really the health lost or is it some kind of arbitrary number that does math with server ticks? If I set it to 50, is that decay damage every 50 ticks? Seconds? Is that 50 ticks or seconds before decay starts?

The deploy_maxhealth_sec is somewhat easy to understand, but what exactly does it do? Does decay only start after a timer and then this setting uses seconds to destroy something? Does decay happen no matter what and this setting is a fallback to ensure something dies when the seconds are counted?

I wanted to make another thread with this, but there are so many decay threads, I was afraid I’d get locked or deleted without getting answers. This is the most recent thread, so I hope it’s a good place to start.

Ok to clarify this a bit after playing with it on my test server my boyfriend and I have.

decay.deploy_maxhealth_sec - This is how often decay is processed, so to speak. The default is 12 hours in seconds. So that would be 43,200 seconds. I divided this in half. Now my decay is processed every 21,600 seconds, or every 6 hours.

decay.decaytickrate - This is how much damage is applied to the structure after 6 hours. I set mine to 250, the default is 300. Wood Shelters have 1000 HP, so I figured every 6 hours 250 dmg is applied to Wood Shelters that are not being used, so within 24 hours the shelters will have decayed.

I set the Decay and Tickrate this way because we have a high population server and we needed some way to balance out the amount of structures going up within one day.

I believe this is all correct. Most players want to slow down decay, but I want to speed it up because then I wipe less often because the decay is helping do structure control. When you save.all from Rusty or the console it shows how many items are on the map. Anything over 30,000 starts to create some lag and performance issues.

Yesss… thank you Lady Blade. I saw your thread the other day and could not find it again.

I believe you have it exactly right.

So what I’m going to try is doubling the amount of hours from 12 to 24, and make it do 100 damage over that time period.

Thanks a ton - your post should be more publicized by the Rust devs.

great info

It does not reset the timer, I let my server restart twice a day. Decay still goes on.