Double Effort

Not sure if I should have put this in fast threads or what, so sorry if it’s in the wrong forum.

I like mapping, creating underground tunnels that give off such a creepy feel to the player they don’t want to continue. Making a large alien building that just says, “Go ahead and go inside, I dare you.” Basicly, scary stuff. But with all good scary maps you need to be a perfectionist in lighting… I’m not. So this is a request, a seeking thread for someone who likes to scare players, but is good at lighting; even better if they don’t really like general map designing. We’d fit togather like 2 blonde lesbians adop- I’ll stop right there. What I’m saying is if there is someone out there that is completely opposite from me in terms of mapping, we could make some really good maps…


Ill do it

Late reply, sorry, but you’re serious? My side hurts from the pure shock someone said yes. Holy fuck! I send you PM.