Double exit doors - help

I have two prop_door_rotating models, with push bar hardware. How can i make the doors both have the bar on the same said, and open at the same time, while both have the textures the other way, screenshot provided.

How would i do this?

Give both the same name or enter the name of the other door in the keyvalue “slave door”.

ive got the slave thing working - thaks, but what about the hardware, will that sort it?

I don’t think you can actually. Check hospital map in Ep1, because I think they have a door like what you want, but I don’t know if it has 2 pushbars.

If you can’t do it, then just have one door with no hardware.

if i cant have it, ill ditch the doors

if the slave door thing don’t work, i use the output/input system.

just write on one of the doors:
onopen - door(the other one) - open
and vica versa.

might be a other, far better way, but i like that one

I tried this a long time ago and gave up.

moving the origin doesn’t change anything.

You need to read the OP better. He wants the hardware to have both pushbars on the same side.

I tried this in one of my maps and I don’t think it’s possible. I needed to make one pushbar and the other handle.

Ohh sorry, my bad.