Double Hawk Films

Hey guys, this is the official thread for Double Hawk Films, a new production team founded by Tom (aka GodlyT) and I.

We strive to give you the most excellently crafted videos we can possibly provide.

You can help almost any way possible. Throw in a few good words on the thread, or send me a PM asking about joining the group. We aren’t very strict, there is no complete system we have.

Our projects will be created depending on the expressed interest for the plot or subject matter. Usually, we like to stray away from long conversation scenes and go for more of the fast-paced feel to them. Our members have some experience in Faceposer, but would really appreciate a member who knows fully how to use Faceposer and Choreography.

Facebook Group:

Facebook Page:

YouTube Profile:

10 October 2009: Our first film, Mirror’s Edge: The Early Years is finally out on Youtube!

Hey guys, GodlyT (Tom) here. Just here to promote Double Hawk films. We have a few films in the works including a MiamiVice film and as Fumples said Mirror’s Edge: The Early Years. We hope to get alot of people watching our videos, so stick around !

What happened to epic roleplay productions?

That was a server, me and Fumples decided to launch an actual production company. Thanks for taking interest

Tom kind of simplified it, but Epic Roleplay Productions was up for a short time, because it was the film production team for the server, but the server owner had to abandon the server and community, therefore the production team couldn’t keep the name. We’re starting off fresh with a completely new name and agenda. As of now, Mirror’s Edge: The Early Years is 49% completed exporting in HD, and will be uploaded to YouTube within the hour. Thanks for the interest!

What makes this machinima group not like any of the others?

That it won’t just gather members and do nothing?

What does it have to offer? :slight_smile:

How can we help?

Are you gonna do big time projects or just small machinima?

Well answer those and you’ll probably get more members joinin :slight_smile:

What makes this group unique is the extremely high quality standards (not megabyte wise, machinima writing/directionwise) for a video to be passed onto the account profile.

If you’d like to help, all I ask is that you express interest and positive encouragement to keep us fueled and pushing out more releases! If you’d like to join, please throw me or GodlyT a PM and we will discuss it. You must have a microphone to join the group. We communicate via VoIP.

As for our projects, we will be doing big and small, but we will only make movies as we get ideas for them, we don’t exactly have a rigid system in that category.

Soooo… Where’s the youtube channel page?

SHIT forgot to add it…

Well now aren’t ya happy I decided to post today? xD

To think a Rapist Santa would help me!

Yeah, I’m pretty glad, I forgot a lot of shit, LOL. Have a Polite/Nice/Friendly.

Thanks Rapist Santa, don’t forget to check out our first video !!

awww shuks, Just bein a nice guy that’s all :wink:

And if the video was supposed to show off how clumsy she is, you did a very good job xD

Yeah it was, i’m not sure many people will get that, but I hope they do.