Double jump pointshop

Does anyone have a code for double jump to go in the pointshop?

Make it yourself.

If you want it expect to pay $

If I knew how to make it my self I would not have posted this.

Then learn how to do it.

Look into the jump pack.

You know, making a server is not just adding some addons and expecting it will work by itself. It needs a bit of work.

Try to learn LUA, it will save you money, time, and will make you able to do awesome stuff.

I wouldent make you pay to much for this. I know how to make the code I just dont know how to detect the jump key being pressed twice so Ill get back to you and see what I can do! :slight_smile:

This is what I’m using for the gmod smash bros esque gamemode I’m working on.
local function doublejump(ply, key)
if key == IN_JUMP then
if !ply:IsOnGround() then
if ply.FirstJump == 1 then
ply:SetVelocity(Vector(0,0,200) + Vector(0,0,-1*ply:GetVelocity().z))
ply.FirstJump = 0
ply.FirstJump = 1
hook.Add(“KeyPress”, “doublejump”, doublejump)
Calculation of the force is pretty bad since it’s just proof of concept.
Change the 200 if you want to make the second jump faster/slower.

There’s enough tutorials on how to add things to the pointshop so you can look that up easily.