Double Jump!

This is a wonderful little thing! Let me know of any bugs.



There exists a “multijump_default_jumps” ConVar, which is the amount of extra jumps players get by default.
The default value of this is 1 (for double jump).
You can set this value in your server.cfg. Setting it to 0 will disable double jumps by default (should you wish to).

Pointshop Integration
Set “multijump_default_jumps” to 0 in your server.cfg.

ITEM.Name = "Double Jump!"
ITEM.Price = 200

-- I ain't filling every field out for you

function ITEM:OnEquip(ply)
    ply:SetMaxJumpLevel(1) -- Enable double jump

function ITEM:OnHolster(ply)
    ply:SetMaxJumpLevel(0) -- Disable double jump

I like the little dust particle when you double jump, nice work!

How would you go about changing the velocity up ?

I’m going to make that customizable the exact same way as the extra jumps right now!


Alongside a prediction fix to make it work perfectly despite lag.

You’re not even networking the jump level, no wonder there’s prediction issues :v: , network it with a dt var and not garry’s nw vars.
You’ve got from 0 to 63 as far as DT vars slots go for integers, chances of collision with another addon setting it on the same id on the player are really low.

This is a nice little addon.

There is now a multijump_default_power ConVar that sets the multiplier for the jump power added when double-jumping (default to 1).

This can also be set on a per-player basis with the PLAYER:SetExtraJumpPower(power) function.

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Also everything is predicted properly now thanks to Jvs.

Attempting to create unknown particle system ‘doublejump_smoke’

Requires TF2

Makes sense :slight_smile:

wasn’t this already made before a long time ago

So? People remake stuff all the time in better ways, double jumps in gmod have always been shit because people can’t even figure out how to do it properly, this one hits the spot.

Is there a way to make it so there is better forward and backwards and side to side movement

Its called PM the OP and don’t bump a thread that is 4 months old.

“Being an arsehole”

Anyway, Great job on this script, most likely will start using it.

insert generic fart noises

Awesome, a couple players actually requested this. Thanks!

I love this kind of things. Gonna add it to my server

I love it! Added it to my server! Thanks a lot man!

i bet this took hours to code