Double rant, about HQM and Building upgrades.

Hey, another rant because that is the only thing i do on these forums :D.

The first rant is about HQM.

I’m playing on Rustopia [EU/UK] which is a highly populated vanilla server with mostly 200+ people online everyday,
but what i noticed is that there is barely any pvp on the server.

The reason is because people are just roofcamping and dont want to leave their base,
because they are scared losing guns to bigger clans roaming the server.

And I think this is because weapons cost to much HQM to make.

AK: 50 HQM.
Bolt: 30 HQM.
Thompson 35 HQM.

Now if you could make these above weapons with just metal, people would not care if they lose guns,
That metal is easy to obtain.

I’m currently stacked at 100K+ Metal Fragments and have nothing to spend it on.

Imo, if HQM would be removed to make quality weapons the amount of pvp on vanilla servers for smaller groups will return aswell, and roofcamping would probably get’s less aswell.

Building upgrades.

Next rant is about building tiers.

Now. The building tiers dont really make much sense to me.

Would it not be better if it would be more like this.

Wood (wall,ceilling,foundation,roof):Pickaxeable 1 C4
Stone (wall,ceilling,foundation,roof) Pickaxeable : 2 C4
Sheet Metal (wall,ceilling,foundation,roof) Pickaxeable: 3 c4
Armored (wall,ceilling,foundation,roof): Not pickaxeable 4 c4

Armored door: 2 C4


Your suggestions do make sense all around and got suggested a couple of times now. I guess balancing has no high priority at the moment.

What’s wrong with not wanting to waste weapons?

Then why not go fighting with metal tier weapons? Yes you may be at a disadvantage, but at that point would you really care if you lost a P250 and a waterpipe or two? You can still blow someone away with those guns and it’s not the biggest loss. Just keep your good weapons at home for defending.

I think ultimately they intend to have a smelting process whereby you go from metal ore to LQM to HQM. LQM should be used for larger construction and building components, HQM for better or more intricate weapons and mods. Steel is made by an alloying and refinement process, not by finding “steel ore”… the current system is purely for game balance, to preserve scarcity.

I don’t know if it’s worth altering the game balance because on some servers large KOS clans roam the countryside shooting lone harvesters and taking their last HQM gun. If there are several large groups battling it out, then you have to reconcile the fact that you may be caught in a warzone that’s toxic to solo players… and move on for a time. If it’s one or two groups, the server owner needs to decide whether to intervene and politely ask them to grow the balls to challenge other large established clans on other servers to keep things fresh.

I don’t think making high tier weapons easy to make is the best approach. Honestly I think their drop rate in boxes should be nerfed, I never have to sacrifice any HQM to make guns if I have a rad town near by.

I agree with most of this post, very good thoughts.

didnt you used to beable to make them guns with metal frags?

also the tiers should be the same as it is now but have it so sheet metal can not be hacked with tools.

It might be troublesome to find enough HQM on a full populated 70+ server to be able to sacrifice some gear without loosing all of your weapons, but you basic thought behind the reasons is just wrong.

People do roofcamp, no matter what. If you make weapons even more available as they are right now, there will be even more camping and waiting for someone to run into their field of view.