Double R's Server. Instacraft/Noob friendly/PVP/Sleepers/BRAND NEW JUST WIPED/Legit play classic rust style/Latest updates/MORE/

We are just like classic rust play perfectly legit. We have a starter kit for hatchets and your basic necessity, more resource spawns, and much more! All of the admins are knowledgeable and friendly, there are daily auto restarts to keep the lag down, the owner enjoys new players but also loves PVP so have it your way and join! There are sleepers, airdrops, just wiped, noob friendly, PVP, everything you can think of and the owner is always open to suggestions! Title says it all and we are a brand new server just looking for some players!


/bump This is the Server Admin here, Come on out and play! I am really friendly and like my friend said I am open to suggestions. But I am also new to running a server so bear with me on getting stuff set up!!

Also, the server is BRAND NEW guys, so just please bear with us while we get players!


Update: Figured out how to use most of the commands and learning how to be admin. So come on out!


Bump, a few people joining here and there. Really appreciating the views :smiley: