Double the gun, double the fun!

I thought this was going to be a suggestion for dual wielding guns.

I was like “Nooooo!”, then I chuckled at the picture.

or the Bow-axe-rifle Combo

genuinely foresaw an extensive “akimbo” argument coming up. Thank god!

Too much time spent in irradiated zones?


The radiation helped him grow an extra limbs. :rolleye:

I knew Garry is a big fan of ‘The Forest’, but I did not expect him to copy their combo weapon glitch. ;D

Rust had this bug a long time ago, only it worked the other way, if you minimize the game you can see in Rust every item that the guy had in his hand while you were minimized, but since they moved to a new engine this bug became worse and now it show’s all your stuff for some reason.

I literally posted this yesterday lol, it is annoying but funny to watch

Very good! :slight_smile: