Double Zooming in Rust?

So awhile back i saw this video of a guy trolling someones base in rust by setting up spike walls around their base and remember he was able to zoom in a bit farther after he had held down the right click and it sounded like a camera was zooming in when he did so. I couldn’t find the video but does anyone know how he might of done this? I checked if there was a + zoom key or something on the rust options but to no avail :c

Maybe he did that with his screen capture program.

You were probably watching a FrankieOnPCin1080p video, he sometimes edits them and adds that at the end so you can see better :slight_smile:

Yes it’s frankieonpc he does that in most of his videos pretty much to give you a better view since you’re watching a video and you can’t see small things from far since he’s sitting infront of a monitor actually playing the game he’s able to see them better.