DoubleZ Server! No Kos/PVP/airdrops@15

Its a dawning of a new server… one you can actually play on without getting instantly killed on sight!

Now with Rust++, so you can enjoy your game while you enjoy your game :smiley:
type /starter once you’re in to get setup without hassle!
forget a command? type /help for all the commands!

Welcome to all who wanna join, Come on in! These are the rules to our humble server.

  1. Be Newb-Friendly! (if you see a newbie, don’t mug/steal their items)

  2. NO KoS (killing people on sight is a ban.)

  3. Have Common Sense (no racism, discrimination, general trolling, annoyances.)

  4. No Dry-Looting (if you raid a base, leave something for the victim to work with. doesn’t have to be a gun and ammo, but something. leaving joke items or one item is the same as dry looting.)

  5. No Random Structures (if you aren’t living there, don’t build there. the only exception to this rule is the public pill box near civ desert. the building itself is the exception, not you building randomly by it.)

  6. No Destroying Sleeping bags (it exists so players can spawn. Don’t destroy them no matter where they are. Do not place them inside other structures that aren’t yours.)

  7. No Base-Takeovers (you cannot place a door on a structure you don’t own. this includes ALL types of entry.)

  8. No Griefing (breaking ANY furniture in a base is griefing. the only exception to this rule is if furniture barricades an entry point. replacing walls is griefing.)

  9. Airdrops. (from the time that its in the air, to the time the items are gone, Killing on sight is acceptable. a player MUST say if they got the items the moment they have aquired them from the drop.)

  10. Sleepers. (if you are sleep, you are a resource, not a person, until you wake up.)

  11. Robbery. (you can rob people in this game. you MUST say “this is a stickup”, “drop your items”, or “I’m robbing/mugging you”. if these aren’t said, its not robbery.)

  12. Raids. (if yo are being raided, or doing the raiding, ALL subjects involved are targets. you can kill/be killed just by being involved in a raid. No exceptions.)

Recommendations! (you don’t have to follow these.)

  1. leave sleepers alone (helps you gain allies.)
  2. help supply newbies (big plus for those that do this)
  3. help raid victims back up on their feet (ever been raided? this would help you)

Ip is net.connect

direct server connect here: net.connect


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oh, btw anyone who looks at this. server got started jan 12th no wipes yet

Gotta keep it up and going! Live thread, Live! oh, and please, enjoy our server! If you like it, come back to this thread and help us out with a review!

Just joined up, looking forward to a new beginning! :slight_smile:


Server is still pretty new so the pop is really low, but so far i really enjoy the people and the atmosphere. Cant wait for more people to join! :smiley:

Cool players and plenty of space to build. Highly recommend this server.

sever admin bump go!


bump for fun =o

bump 4 pplz

bump 5 pplz